Welcome To The Corrugated Pallets Company

For over a decade, The Corrugated Pallets Company (TCPC) has been the “Go To” source for clients who want a durable, lightweight alternative to new heat-treated wood pallets.

With our in-house manufacturing capacity and more than a decade of experience, our customers trust as their go-to source for corrugated pallets.

Our customers expect us to innovate and find new and better ways to help them save money, yet without sacrificing durability, quality or recyclability.

As a result, we are experiencing steady growth as more companies switch from conventional heat treated wooden pallets to our lightweight corrugated pallets.

Corrugated Pallets are less expensive, yet as durable and fully recyclable.

Our primary goal is to help our clients save money ­­both immediately and over the long-term. TCPC corrugated pallets cost less than wood pallets and are as durable.

Also, we know that our clients are looking for an efficient partner who will help them save time and hassle.

TCPC Key Advantages and Benefits

Save Money
Protect the Environment
Reduce Damage
Lower Weight
Improve Safety