The Corrugated Pallets Company designs, markets, manufactures and installs all the machinery we sell. Using the latest technologies for creating reliable, flexible, and efficient machines for the production of corrugated pallets.


Companies can cost-effectively purchase our equipment to manufacture corrugated runners and pallets. TCPC sells the equipment that manufacturers our patented two way and four way access runners. The equipment is built in Ontario, Canada. Equipment to assemble pallets can be purchased from TCPC or sourced locally based on the affordable proven system we have designed.


Key features of our Turn Key Runner & Pallet Equipment Sales Program include:


Our equipment covers the key phases of manufacturing corrugated runners and pallets using die cut corrugated sheets and two adhesives. Standard die cutting equipment operated by corrugated companies provides sheets that are fed into equipment that glues, folds and forms the finished runners. Installation and commissioning of equipment is usually 90 to 120 days. Equipment to cut runners into blocks, flip pallets and stretch wrap or band pallets is available from numerous established companies. Our affordable equipment is easy to operate.

Small Footprint

Our equipment is compact in design allowing it to fit into virtually any facility. The equipment is sold as modular units so the footprint can be duplicated based on your required output per shift of finished runners and pallets.

Superior Design

Our patented design and manufacturing technology combines to produces runners that resemble lumber. The assembled pallet has to hold weight limits that end users expect their wood pallets to accomplish.

Aesthetic Design

Our design and equipment provides you with a clean and attractive finished product. No band saws, gang saws are required and the pallets are very clean.

Minimal Labor

Our equipment is semi-automated and requires three operators. In an 8 hour shift a team of three operators will manufacture approximately 1800 runners and assembly 600 pallets. Operators are required to feed die cut sheets into magazines, a custom built laminator to apply adhesive to runners and blocks and assemble pallets using corrugated sheets placed under presses.


Equipment to stack and band finished pallets is available from TCPC or can be purchased separately. This strategy allows you to strategically locate equipment at separate locations and this avoids the cost of transporting finished pallets long distances.


Currently, there are more than 1.2 billion pallets in service across the US each day (source:, and according to industry market researchers, pallet demand will continue rising and aggressively expand at 3.5% a year through 2017, when sales will reach 1.3 billion units valued at $16.9 billion (source: The Fredonia Group’s “Pallet” Report).

However, despite these positive market trends and product advantages, most businesses cannot add corrugated pallets to their sales offerings due to prohibitive equipment costs and lack of in-house expertise. Fortunately, that is where TCPC provides a solution.

At the same time, there is an increasing demand for corrugated pallets due the fact that they offer several key advantages vs. new heat-treated wood pallets, including:

TCPC is currently seeking to expand its network of production facilities. Please contact us by clicking here so we can forward you detailed information on this opportunity.

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